About us

“I think this particular space has something way more powerful behind it than just the technology or innovation. It literally has a real, live energetic movement of human emotion. This technology has potential to have a great impact on everything we do and will definitely be threaded through all technology in the future. Blockchain is quite simply, disruptive tech with massive potential given global adoption.

08 is founded upon the principles of alignment with our partners and investors. We are entrepreneurial in our vision to become pivotal in the inevitable future landscape that mass financial and technology adoption of Blockchain will create.

Our team has a wide selection of expertise, from deep routed connections within the crypto community with both investors and influencers, through to stock market and strong ties to the traditional business world. We have a professional mentality, actively contributing and supporting Blockchain projects of the future, offering a strategic partnership and advisory. Our team has a unifying spirit in the pursuit of personal development and professional excellence.

Our company aspiration is to support Blockchain projects in achieving their maximum potential. We are actively seeking projects that understand and embrace the requirements necessary in order to breakthrough the ceiling of innovation and transform the future technology landscape. Our passion is to support and inspire projects of today that have the vision and clarity of purpose to become future leaders of tomorrow!